Someone needs to do something

I think most of the content of this blog has made it rather clear that I am a liberal or a progressive, at least in US terms, when it comes to social issues. However, I try to approach politics – outside of certain key areas that to my mind should not actually be politicized – with a relatively centred approach. The following will hopefully not come from partisan bias, but an attempted balanced evaluation.

What the fuck is wrong with Republican Congressional leaders in the US?

I mean, making fun of a disabled reporter and the pussy grabbing tape alone should have doomed Trump’s candidacy, and he as president creepily hitting on the French president’s wife in front of Melania showed that he has not changed since the election, but it can be argued that being a creep does not mean you are a bad politician – history is unfortunately filled with leaders with shady personal lives. So let’s say for a second – even though I would agree that being a public figure means you can’t really do that, and that he’s been too far already for it not to mean something – that we should only judge him on his political actions, not on his attitude towards women or people in general.

So far, he has objectively supported laws that would dramatically reduce health coverage, endangered environmental protections, named an attorney general who said defending civil rights should not be a priority, and alienated key allies (when Angela Merkel publicly says you’re not reliable, it can be an issue). He endangered the rights of refugees and immigrants. He left the TPP, which means retreating US influence in Asia (including opening a boulevard for China, which just launch its major infrastructure plan in the region) and substantial commercial losses. To mention something that matters to him even if its wider relevance would warrant much more discussions, his archenemy Iran is gaining influence in the Middle East, in Iraq in particular despite the extensive US intervention, and it seems now he is ending US support to Syrian rebels, a move that was long sought by Moscow.

All this is bad, but mostly stupid, and you cannot be removed from office for just being stupid – or having a checklist of all your predecessor did to systematically undo (I’m looking at you, Cuba policy). But it seems there is much more than that. His son and campaign manager met with foreign agents after they openly said their potentially hostile country supported his candidacy. He had an undisclosed, off the record meeting with the same foreign leader who seems to actively work to undermine democracy in his country and among his allies. He is seeking to undermine the credibility of the special prosecutor investigating this. He refuses to disclose anything related to his finances – or actually to separate himself from the business empire making money off his presidency.

This is bad. This is potential treason bad. So why is nothing happening? Because one guy is from your party it means you don’t see what he is doing? You say you want to defend your country but don’t bat an eye when his team colludes with another country just to beat a political opponent?

Country over party, someone?



One thought on “Someone needs to do something

  1. Just my 2 cents:

    “So why is nothing happening?”

    There’s much happening:
    -Pence has Trump checked.
    -Congressional Democrats have Trump checked.
    -Congressional Republicans have Trump checked.
    -Trump-Russia collusion-interference is being investigated in multiple ways including in a manner that ultimately pertains to his Taxes.
    -Trump has Trump checked.

    “Country over party, someone?”

    If either Party was putting country before party, they wouldn’t be picking a fight with Russia or China banking on what amounts to arrogance.


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